The leopard was rudely awakened by the lion’s sudden attack and called on his teammates to join forces to teach the enemy a valuable lesson

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In the wild, a single moment of sleep can cost an animal its life.

Among carnivores, the big cats stand out for their allure and bravery. This illustrious group includes five majestic members, ranked by size and weight: tiger, lion, jaguar, leopard, and snow leopard.

In Africa, lions and leopards, both formidable predators, often find themselves in unavoidable clashes. Typically, lions don’t view leopards as rivals unless they’re competing for food.

Leopards, though modest in size at about 2 meters long and weighing between 30 to 90 kg, are renowned for their exceptional camouflage, resilience, and climbing prowess. A prime leopard can sprint at over 60 km/h, leap more than 6 meters horizontally and 3 meters vertically, and ambush prey from tree branches.

Statistically, leopards boast the highest hunting success rate among the big cats, which explains why lions harbor a particular disdain for them. The lion, the so-called king of the jungle, is famed not only as a fearsome hunter but also as a dominant force with the “right to live and kill” other predators. This inherent animosity means that a leopard caught off guard could face deadly consequences from a lion at any moment.

Such was the case when a leopard resting on a cliff was spotted by an old male lion. Having just eaten, the leopard was in a state of utter relaxation, oblivious to the impending danger as it dozed off.

The lion, seeing its opportunity, prepared to strike. With a powerful leap, it launched itself toward the unsuspecting leopard. However, the steep and slippery slope disrupted the lion’s attack.

This mistake jolted the leopard awake. Instantly aware of the danger, the leopard sprang into action, launching a counterattack before fleeing with the swiftness of the wind. With its ability to accelerate up to 60 km/h, the aging lion had little hope of catching up.