The giant eagle and the ill-fated donkey took to the air to admire the natural scenery for the last time before becoming the living feast of the lord of the sky

Under the bright late afternoon sun, in a desolate field full of weeds, a life-and-death battle is taking place. A giant eagle, with vast wings and piercing eyes, was descending from the blue sky. It was targeting its prey – a lone donkey grazing in a field.

The donkey, with its gray fur and long ears, was enjoying its meal, unaware of the danger lurking from above. Suddenly, from the air, the eagle swooped down at the speed of an arrow. Its sharp claws grabbed the donkey’s back, making the donkey startle and scream in pain. It jumped up and down, trying to escape the grip of the ferocious predator.

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The eagle did not miss the opportunity, it used all the strength of its wings to lift the donkey off the ground. In that moment, the desolate field became quiet, leaving only the sound of the wind whistling through the eagle’s wings and the donkey’s anguished cry. The donkey struggled, trying to escape the eagle’s claws, but all efforts were in vain.

The battle between predator and prey takes place dramatically, in a tense and suffocating atmosphere. The eagle, with its perseverance and superior strength, finally won. It took the donkey and flew high, gradually disappearing into the horizon, leaving the desolate field to return to its inherent silence.

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That scene, even though it only happened for a moment, was deeply engraved in the minds of those who witnessed it. It is a symbol of the harshness of nature, where only the strong can survive. A story full of tragedy and drama, where life and death are only an inch apart.