Suddenly the giant hippo appeared weak, creating an opportunity for the hyenas to tear the body into painful pieces

Hyenas with their sinister nature can be considered talented hunters in the grassland world. Hyenas’ cunning and quick attacks make them formidable opponents. The hippopotamus, with its giant body and fearsome appearance, is one of the largest animals living on land.

When hyenas attack hippos, they face a difficult challenge. The hyena needs to figure out how to attack the hippo’s weak points and avoid its powerful attacks.

The flexibility and speed of hyenas help them avoid strong kicks from the hippo’s legs and find weak spots to cause damage. Hyenas attack from different angles, trying to inflict wounds on the hippo’s huge body.

Hippos, meanwhile, use their strength and size to hinder and repel hyenas. But in the end, the match had a truly unexpected ending when the hippo weakened and became lucrative prey for the hyenas.