Destroying all chances of his own survival, the cobra challenges the mongoose’s death claws

The fight between mongoose and cobra is a fierce and tense match between these two animals. Mongoose, with its agility and good hunting skills, is often known as a talented hunter, while cobra is famous for the toxicity of its venom and sophisticated hunting skills.

The fight began when the mongoose discovered a cobra hiding in the bushes. With his determination and flexibility, mongoose approached and began the confrontation with the enemy.

These two animals fiercely attack each other, with the cobra trying to take advantage of its venom and the mongoose using its agility and dodging skills to avoid blows from the snake.

The fight lasts for a long time, each animal is trying to defeat the other. However, in the end, both were exhausted and the match ended with the deaths of both. The cobra was killed by the mongoose after being defeated, but the toxins from the final bite also made it impossible for the mongoose to survive.

This tragic outcome emphasizes the fierceness and prejudice between species in nature, as well as the danger of fighting against a powerful and cruel opponent like a cobra.